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Bridge City Brand


Bridge City Brand started back in 2017 in our barbershop. We wanted to add some cool clothes and accessories to our inventory model, and here were are now! Bridge City Brand still uses Bridge City Barbers as its' home base and headquarters! We are still in the early stages of our growth, but we hope to accomplish big things!

In addition to the clothing line, pins and patches, Bridge City Brand also manufactures The Gilded Beard. 



The Gilded Beard


The Gilded Beard was born in the dry, windy climate of Southern Alberta! If there was ever a need for beard and skin care, it is definitely needed here! Made from all natural ingredients, our Beard products will do the job required to help add moisture to your beard and skin, as well as making you smell great in the process!


The Gilded Beard is owned and operated by husband and wife team Tyler and Suzanne Brownfield. Tyler is a barber and Suzanne is a Clinical Esthetician - so between the two, they know about beards and skin! they have created a diverse selection of smells, from woodsy, to citrusy, to spicy and beyond. No matter what your preference, The Gilded Beard is sure to have something you like!

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to leave us feedback, please contact us.


By Email: bridgecitybrand@gmail.com

Bridge City Brand Inc. 

1263 2nd Ave South

Lethbridge, AB

Canada T1J 0E7